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Iberostar Selection Paraiso Maya Suites - A Travel Agent's Unbiased Review - Part 3

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Today, I've got part 3 of my reviews on the Iberostar Selection Paraiso Maya Suites series. In my previous posts in this review series, I talked about my first impressions, general vibe, rooms, pools, beach, fitness center, golf club, and Star Camp. You can find those posts here:

Today I'm reviewing:

travel agent reviews on iberostar paraiso maya series

As a reminder, the Iberostar Paraiso complex works on a tiered system. Take a look at this graphic below:

differences between iberostar paraiso resorts

Restaurants at Iberostar Paraiso Maya

My family and I stayed at the Maya, the highest family-friendly resort tier you can book, which gave us access to all restaurants except the Grand.

Restaurants include the following:

  • El Rancho, a steakhouse

  • La Geisha Japanese Steakhouse

  • Bistro L'Etoile, a French bistro

  • El Tapatio Mexican Buffet

  • La Marina Seafood Restaurant

  • Coco Snack Bar

Referring back to the tier system, we also had direct access to the following restaurants at Iberostar Paraiso Lindo:

  • Under the Sea American Grill

  • Lemon & Spices Greek Tavern

  • Trattoria Olivetti, an Italian restaurant

  • Corner Sports Bar

  • La Pagoda Buffet

I also mentioned above that we had access to restaurants at Iberostar Paraiso Beach and Del Mar however we chose to eat only at restaurants at either the Maya or Lindo instead due to proximity and air conditioning. When we stayed in October 2021, certain Covid restrictions were still in place; for example, La Marina Seafood Restaurant was only open for breakfast and not dinner.

*Note: Restaurants at the Beach and Del Mar resorts do not have A/C.

TIP: Reservations ARE required for ALL restaurants. Email the concierge desk one week before your stay to request up to two dinner reservations.

During our 6 night stay, we chose to try out the following restaurants:

Night 1: La Geisha Japanese Steakhouse, Iberostar Paraiso Maya

La Geisha Japanese Steakhouse is a teppanyaki-style restaurant and is a lot of fun. Our chef was engaging, fun, and funny. Their fixed menu includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert for each.

Night 2: El Rancho Steakhouse, Iberostar Paraiso Maya

We tried out El Rancho Steakhouse on our second night. We loved the American/Texas-themed interior, complete with country music. Our service was excellent and the steaks were even better. My son ordered a cheeseburger that was as big as his head! This restaurant, along with La Geisha, is the most recommended in the Maya.

Night 3: Corner Sports Bar, Iberostar Paraiso Lindo

For our third night, we tried out the Corner Sports Bar at the Lindo, where reservations are NOT required). We loved being able to walk right in and sit down at a table. The Corner Sports Bar is just that, a sports bar with typical bar food like wings, cheeseburgers, mozzarella sticks, and televised sports. We enjoyed the casual atmosphere and the food was delicious.

Night 4: La Pagoda Buffet, Iberostar Paraiso Lindo

On night number four, our kids stayed with Star Camp, and my husband and I stuck close to them to make sure they were happy eating with the other kids. This meant also eating at La Pagoda Buffet. La Pagoda offers any kind of food, dish, or treat you can imagine. With that said, don't expect to see pizza and chicken fingers. Think more along the lines of fresh-made pasta dishes, Mexican delights, and tasty seafood. We enjoyed the buffet but we preferred the a la carte restaurants instead.

Night 5: Bistro L'Etoile, Iberostar Paraiso Maya

We were ditched by the kids again this evening and decided to try out the French restaurant, Bistro L'Etoile. My husband and I ordered the Foie Gras and the Salmon and White Fish Marinated and Salted for our appetizers (see pics below), the Steam Fish of the Day and Beef Tartare Parisian, and the highlight of my entire dining experience over the whole week, Red Berries Macaron and Strawberry Coulis. This macaron was beyond delicious and I can hardly wait to go back and order it again. I only wish I had a picture of it.

Night 6: Trattoria Olivetti, Iberostar Paraiso Lindo

For our final evening, we ate with our kids at the Italian restaurant, Trattoria Olivetti. I read mixed reviews regarding this restaurant before our stay and I was pleasantly surprised. We chose to order the foie gras again, and as I mentioned above it was MUCH better than at Bistro L'Etoile. We also chose to order the Pasta Penne a la Amatriciana, which was a little spicy but delicious, and the fish to share. My son loved his flatbread pizza and my daughter devoured the steak. Overall, this was one of our favorite restaurants on the property.


For breakfast, the buffets at La Marina and La Pagoda offered an excellent variety. If you're an egg lover, don't miss the cooked-to-order egg and omelet station. Fresh fruit, sandwiches, and even sushi are additional options.


For lunch, La Pagoda serves a full international buffet. El Tapatio is another buffet choice where you'll find Mexican dishes of all kinds. Don't miss the ceviche tostadas! At the time of our stay, Olivetti only served snacks most days and served sit-down lunch service on certain days, which we unfortunately missed.

Beachside Paella

My absolute FAVORITE lunch was the fresh made on the beach paella. They make it a little different every day (we tried it twice) but each type is AMAZING. Fresh seafood and delicious flavors with a beachside view? Yes, please!

Additional Snacks & Treats

If you're an ice cream lover, check out El Mirador above the swim-up bar featuring an assortment of ice cream flavors. Starcafe in the Maya lobby (there is also one in the Lindo lobby) features a variety of coffee beverages, pastries, baked goods, and sandwiches for a quick bite. Coco Snack Bar & Beach Grill is your beachside snack shack offering items like burgers, hot dogs, nachos, and other snacks.

We truly enjoyed the food at Iberostar Paraiso Maya and Lindo and I consider us foodies. All of our meals were fresh, tasty, and we enjoyed the variety and the excellent service.

Bars at Iberostar Paraiso

You won't find a shortage of bars at this resort! Here is a list of the bars located at the Maya and Lindo:

  • Kukulkán, aka the Snake Bar in the Maya lobby

  • Las Olas Pool Bar, conveniently located behind the wave pool

  • El Puente Pool Bar, located near the main pool

  • Las Rocas Swim-Up Bar, in the main pool behind a waterfall

  • Corner Sports Bar, as mentioned above in the Lindo and a great place to catch a sports game

  • Galaxy Nightclub, which was not open during our stay

  • Cigar bar, which was not open during our stay

  • Coco Beach Bar, a beachside bar next to the snack bar

  • Theater Bar, located in the covered theater shared by Lindo and Maya

Kukulkán and snake bar in iberostar paraiso maya lobby
Kukulkán; see why it's called the Snake Bar?

Here's a glimpse of the swim-up bar with video, courtesy of my 7-year-old daughter and our GoPro:

The majority of the above bars are shared with the Lindo except for Kukulkán and the Cigar Bar. The Lindo has its own Cigar Bar.

A few tips and tricks:

  • Premium level alcohol is located at Kukulkán in the Maya lobby, along with craft cocktails.

  • Don't be afraid to ask for a double if your drink seems a little weak.

  • Bars will happily make virgin/non-alcoholic drinks for kids and those that choose not to indulge. My kids particularly loved the Miami Vice frozen drink.

  • There is drink service at the pool and the beach. If you tip well, they will bring you drink refills without needing to ask!

Iberostar App

The Iberostar App was our lifeline while on the Iberostar Paraiso complex. From the app, you can do so many things like:

  • Make dinner reservations

  • View restaurant menus

  • See restaurant hours

  • View the day's activities and schedule

  • Chat with concierge

  • Find where to eat lunch or grab a drink

  • See today's weather

  • View available activities at the resort

Some people have mentioned connectivity issues during their stay but we didn't have that experience. We found the app to be very responsive and a must-have for our stay.

In the final installment of my post series of reviews on Iberostar Paraiso Maya, I'll cover daily entertainment, the Shopping Mall, and how Iberostar cares about the environment and its sustainable tourism practices.

Spring break and summer vacation are just around the corner. Have you started planning your next trip? I'd love to help find YOUR perfect destination and resort.

Until next time!

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Melissa Waack
Melissa Waack
07 груд. 2022 р.

You noted emailing the concierge desk a week ahead to request 2 restaurant reservations? Where do you find the email?

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