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I'm back! Where I've been and why I've been gone. And how my joy returned.

Woman walking in airport wearing mask

I'm back! It's been a little bit. About 4.5 months to be honest.

To come out and say it, I had a bit of Covid fatigue. Being a travel agent during this pandemic has been tough (to say the least). I seriously contemplated shutting down my business. I even made my social media pages private for a time period. I had a few past clients reach out and I turned them down and said flat out that I was closing my business.

But something changed. Actually, a few things changed.

Destination wedding on the beach in Mexico

I was asked by some friends of friends to help plan their destination wedding. When you receive an opportunity like that, you can NOT pass it up. I started researching resorts, looking for that perfect wedding destination for this couple. And then we found it!

And then, Covid restrictions FINALLY started to lift. Covid hit our house in February (for the 2nd time). But it also seemed like everyone else had it or had already gotten hit. Our state's Covid numbers started to go down. Mask mandates were lifted. Even my kids no longer have to wear a mask anymore.

Things finally seem to be getting on track (fingers crossed!) and I felt hope for my industry and my business.

For a time, there was so much unknown about travelling. Tracking all the different restrictions. Tracking the countries that require a vaccination and/or a negative test. Tracking the resorts that offer Covid assistance. It was so much.

In the past two years I've planned trips and I've cancelled trips. I've had to cancel HUGE trips that I worked on for a very. long. time. One trip in particular was a curated private driver trip through Ireland. I cancelled it in 2020. I re-booked it in early 2021. I cancelled it for the 2nd time in December 2021. It was exhausting and devastating.

But I'm back. And travel is back too.

My hope is that the need for testing disappears, mask mandates are completely gone, quarantine is no longer necessary, and we can get back to living and travelling normally.

The travel industry has been shattered over the last 2 years, but I think 2022 will be a positive turning point. People are ready, resorts are ready, and airlines are ready. Travel is back.

If you'd like some help planning your next vacation in 2022 and beyond, please contact me today so I can continue finding my joy in planning travel.


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